The colors of autumn, maternity photo shoot

Maternity photo shoot

For this maternity photo shoot, with Francesca and Andrea, we chose to shoot outdoors. We wanted to take advantage of the warm colors of nature. Shades that only the month of November and the beginning of autumn can offer us. In this season, in fact, the temperature is still mild especially, in the most central hours and nature and its colors reveal the arrival of winter.

A great atmosphere to photograph Francesca’s baby bump. Red, orange, yellow and brown with some more green, these are the dominant colors of my shots.

The choice of location was a bit of a novelty, compared to usual. I decided to immerse ourselves in the thick foliage of one of the great woods found on the mainland a stone’s throw from Venice. What you see in the images is Ottolenghi forest, a large green area a few kilometers from Venice.

I wanted to create an intimate and familiar atmosphere, even though we were in an open place.

What I like, when shooting in a forest or a wood, are the play of light created by the rays of a not strong and low sun, which penetrate through the branches, and which help to give an extra touch of magic to the photos.

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