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Narrating Through Photography

Welcome to the Venice Photography Services page by Filippo Ciappi, a professional photographer specialized in various categories: from couple photos to commercial shots for events and local businesses.
With years of experience under his belt, Filippo Ciappi provides high-quality services to meet his clients’ needs, adapting to their requirements.

Photographic Book

Filippo Ciappi creates personalized photo books that allow you to showcase your personality and versatility. Through a preliminary consultation, he identifies the style and approach that best suits each individual client, ensuring unique and authentic results.

Couple photo

Couple photos, perfect for engagements, marriage proposals, and anniversaries, capture intimacy and shared love. The goal is to create a relaxed and natural atmosphere, highlighting the connection between the two subjects. The result is captivating images that tell a unique love story.


Filippo Ciappi is available to photograph events in various fields, including theater, cinema, musical performances, and public and private parties. With an adaptable skill set and a sensitivity to the surrounding environment, he captures key moments and emotions that define each event.

Weddings and elopements

On the most important day of your life, Filippo Ciappi is capable of capturing every detail and emotion of your wedding. With a discreet and professional approach, he documents the entire day, from preparation to the celebration, creating an authentic and engaging narrative. Furthermore, he offers specific services for couples who prefer an intimate wedding in the splendid setting of Venice (elopement).


Filippo Ciappi’s portraits are an opportunity to highlight the personality and uniqueness of each individual. Using a combination of lighting, backgrounds, and poses, he creates images that reflect the essence of the person, whether it’s in professional contexts or personal portraits.

Commercial photography

Filippo Ciappi offers commercial photography services for businesses and professionals who want to enhance their image and promote their products or services. With a deep understanding of visual language and marketing strategies, Filippo Ciappi creates images that capture the audience’s attention and effectively convey the desired message.

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