About me - Filippo Ciappi photographer
Filippo Ciappi photographer – Portrait with painted backdrop
Who I am - Filippo Ciappi, photographer

Who I am

Born in 1979 in Venice, where I still live, I discovered photography as a child as a means of expression and experimentation. A world that I can never stop exploring ..

In 2010, after attending the annual workshops at the IED (European Institute of Design) in Milan and Venice, I began to devote more attention to portrait and industrial photography.

In the meantime, again in the same year, an important collaboration as a photojournalist for a local newspaper (Il GAZZETTINO) began: a training experience that gave me a strong push towards professional and personal growth.

In 2011 at the Bologna shooting institute, I took part in the advanced fashion photography course, developing and refining my knowledge in the design and organization of fashion and editorial shootings.


In 2012, thanks to the knowledge acquired in the commercial and industrial fields, he began a collaboration with various web agencies. The creation of photographic content for web and social media has allowed me to work by combining portrait and commercial photography.

Since 2015 Venice has become my favorite location. My “open air” studio. I learned to take advantage of the most hidden streets and squares far from the great flows. Giving my shots the atmosphere of the real lagoon city is my goal.

In parallel with my activity as a portrait photographer, I have followed numerous events and manifestations of international interest in the city. In 2019 I participated as a photographer in numerous collateral events during the 58th Art Biennale and in September of the same year I participated in the 76th International Film Art Exhibition. Many of my shots have been published in the most important international newspapers and agencies including Getty images

Since 2019 I have been a member of the national association “TAU visual professional photographers” and from 2020 I go back to my origins by starting a collaboration with the national agency LaPresse.

In February 2021 I have the opportunity to combine my passion for photography with cinema, I am on set photographer of a international feature film “Across the river and into the trees”, directed by Paula Ortiz, in all locations outside Venice. I had the opportunity to work with international actors and actresses such as Liev Schreiber, Matilda De Angelis, Josh Hutcherson, Danny Huston and to meet the director of photography Javier Aguirresarobe.

My studio deals with portrait photography for individuals and companies, event and industrial photography, wedding photography and couple photography.

You can see my works by consulting my portfolio.