Giorgia and Francesco – Fairytale Wedding in Venice

Giorgia e Francesco - Matrimonio da Favola a Venezia

Giorgia and Francesco – Fairytale Wedding in Venice


The morning is full of energy and emotion in Giorgia’s parents’ house. I arrive during the hairstyle adjustment phase and then the makeup. The atmosphere is joyful, with laughter and glances in the mirror for the finishing touches. The tension begins to be felt as the bride prepares her dress. Dressing is a ritual that involves mother and sister. The dress, splendid, is an exclusive creation by Sposissimi: a garment that, after the ceremony, transforms to reveal an equally magnificent evening version, perfect for the reception and wild dancing with friends.

Francesco, on the other hand, is in one of the magnificent suites of the Hotel Principe, the hotel that will host the reception. The room has a breathtaking view of the Grand Canal. For him too, the dressing ritual is meticulous and precise. These are the moments before the most important step of his life. Together with him, his parents help him arrange his jacket and tie. The groom will then do the same with his father.

The ceremony takes place in the splendid church of Saints Geremia and Lucia. It is here that Giorgia and Francesco meet to celebrate their wedding. The event takes place amidst the teary eyes of parents and friends.

After the wedding, we head towards the Island of San Giorgio for the photo session. Once on the water, Venice reveals itself in all its beauty. As a result, the background is perfect for the first official photos as husband and wife. Now the tension has dropped and has given way to laughter and passionate kisses. Finally, like two royals, Giorgia and Francesco live out their fairy tale in Venice for the first time.

After the photo session, friends and relatives are waiting for the couple. The music, the dance, and the warmth of the guests make the evening unforgettable.

A story in images of a special day, that of Giorgia and Francesco. Among smiles and spontaneous gestures, I wanted to capture the essence of their happiness and carefreeness, and the joy they shared.

The evening continues late into the night with the cutting of the cake and finally with music and wild dancing.


Giorgia Francesco dressing
Giorgia, the bride, is wearing earrings.
Giorgia and Francesco wedding dress and mother
Giorgia and Francesco, The bride's tension
Giorgia and Francesco, the rings
Giorgia and Francesco, the bride is ready
Giorgia and Francesco, the groom's shoes
The groom Francesco is getting ready
Giorgia and Francesco, the view from the suite
Giorgia Francesco, the groom helps his father
Giorgia Francesco, the bride Francesca arrives with her father
Giorgia Francesco, the bride at Santi Geremia Lucia
Giorgia Francesco - the wedding
Giorgia Francesco - Religious rite
Giorgia Francesco - Venetian dream
Giorgia Francesco left the church with friends
Giorgia and Francesco and their fairytale wedding in a water taxi
Giorgia Francesco - Enchanting adventure in Venice
Giorgia and Francesco in the water taxi in San Marco - Enchanted story in Venice
Giorgia and Francesco the fairytale kiss in the lagoon city
Giorgia and Francesco Sorrisi in Rialto - Magical tale in Venice
Giorgia and Francesco, friends and the reception table
Giorgia and Francesco dance during the reception
Giorgia and Francesco joke amidst the smiles of their friends
Giorgia and Francesco dance friends
Giorgia Francesco Wedding Cake

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