Chi sono


Born in 1979 in Venice, where I still live, I discovered photography as a child.

Photography has always been a means of expression and experimentation for me.

A world that I can never stop exploring. A great passion that leads me to constant growth.

The main engine is the desire for emotions, longing to capture unrepeatable moments.

In 2010, after attending the annual workshops at the IED ( European Institute of Design ) in Milan and Venice, I began to devote more attention to portrait and industrial photography. Subsequently, at the shooting institute in Bologna I participated in the advanced fashion photography course, developing and refining my knowledge in the design and realization of fashion and editorial shooting.

Meanwhile, in the same year, an important collaboration began as a photojournalist for a local newspaper (Il GAZZETTINO). An educational experience that gave me a strong push towards professional and personal growth.

In 2012, thanks to the knowledge now acquired in the commercial and industrial fields, he began a collaboration with various web agencies for the creation of photographic content, an experience that gave me the opportunity to work by combining portrait photography and industrial photography.

2015, on the other hand, marked the beginning of a new professional adventure, with event and wedding photography. Venice becomes my favorite location, my “open air” studio. Thanks to the knowledge of the city, I learned to take advantage of the most hidden halley and squares far from large flows, to give my shots at least part of the atmosphere of the true lagoon city.

Venice is also the city of international events, in 2019 I had the opportunity to participate as a photographer in numerous collateral events during the 58th Art Biennale and in September of the same year I followed the 76th International Exhibition of cinematographic art.

Since 2019 I am also a member of the national association “TAU visual professional photographers“.

My studio deals with portrait photography for individuals and companies, event and industrial photography, wedding photography and couple photography.

You can see my works by consulting my portfolio.