Wedding in the rain

Wedding in the rain

There is no worse concern for a bride than the weather forecast for her wedding day. The thought of a wedding in the pouring rain is also an unknown factor for the photographer to face, especially from a physical point of view! You must always be ready for the variability of any situation and know how to exploit it to your advantage.

In these cases, reception and location always have plan B ready, but from the point of view of the photos?

A rainy day may not necessarily limit or even hinder our creativity. Most of the time, a cloud cover helps to have a softer light and to decrease contrasts. To quote a quote from the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz:

” I’m scared of sunny day. “

Annie Leibovitz

So a rainy day should not scare, but give inspiration to creativity. Of course, if it really does rain, then it will be good to find a place for shelter. In a city like Venice, there are many locations where you can take great shots sheltered from the storm.

This is the case of this Austrian couple who celebrated their wedding at Palazzo Cavalli, in a cold and rainy Venice, however a few steps from Palazzo Cavalli is in fact very close to Rialto, with its arcades and the famous “Erbaria“. Bright but at the same time well covered. Perfect in case of a thunderstorm!

Umbrellas and boots, if necessary, in this case we played with the colorful tourist groups in the area and with the porch of the bars overlooking the herbaria

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