Shooting with “CAFE ‘NOIR” Band

Shooting with “CAFE ‘NOIR” Band

Hello everybody,

this time we talk about band shooting, that is, the realization of a photo shoot for a musical group: the band in question is that of Cafè Noir. A local ban active mainly in the province of Venice. If you want to be updated on their concerts don’t miss their Facebook page;)
A year ago I was contacted by Enrico and Alessandro, two of the members of the cafè noir, voice and drums respectively.
The group needed new images to make themselves known.


Shooting with

After a few meetings, we agreed on what should have been the mood and the most suitable location.

We wanted to shoot in a home environment, possibly a living room or a kitchen, without tools and above all to communicate a sense of relaxation and tranquility, in short, no Rock star poses! : D I wanted to represent what, in my opinion, this group is: very close-knit people who cultivate their passion for music, making music and, above all, with a great desire to have fun and get involved.

For this shooting, no studio, lights, stylist or make-up, but all natural … a flash, a small transparent umbrella and above all lots of laughs …


Music band on stairs

Black and white shoot

Band on a room covering with famous vinyl records.

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